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We are a dental practice dedicated to the improvement and protection of your dental health utilizing evidence-based dentistry , and state of the art equipment and procedures in support of an extremely efficient staff ready to render the services you need and deserved.

We follow strict standards of professional excellence when providing services for our patients. Our treatment procedures are based on a thorough treatment planning and patients are fully informed of options that are available. We do a regular review of your medical and dental history to keep us informed of your health situation before treatment. When needed, we take x-rays using a state of the art digital system. We also coordinate with your personal physician if the need arises.

Oral cancer screening a routine that we do for all our patients because we believe that prevention is the best way to prevent diseases.

Our offices follow the strict Standards recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in so far as Infection Control is concerned.

In order to continually provide the high standards we have set for our offices, our staff is committed to continuing education and learning the new technology that comes along in our fast evolving profession. We regularly attend seminars, meetings and conventions in order to keep abreast with new techniques and technology. In addition, we attend periodic re-certification training in Basic Life Support procedures to allow us to address emergency issues that may occur in our offices.

We understand that trust and a caring attitude are the foundations for us to build that special relation between us and our patients. Therefore we strive to achieve these by providing a relaxing atmosphere and a positive experience.

As we always say, your visits to us are positive experiences and not just appointments.

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